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    My two dogs, Clementine (Clemmy) and Montgomery (Monty) are my official Precision Green Lawn Care mascots and the greatest dogs in the world...Clemmy is a 6 yr old Johnson style American Bulldog.  She is now spade.  Monty is a 2 yr old Pitbull / American Bully, born 11/11/11.  His bloodline is 100% Gottiline and he came to me from Blue Krome Kennels out of San Diego, California.

     Monty is up for stud to approved females for possible breedings.  He has not been bred yet, but both of his brothers have in California and Hawaii with wonderful results.  Stud fee is negotiable at this point.  If bred to the right female, preferably another Gottiline bully or a Razors Edge bully, he has the genetics and looks to produce very stocky, bully offspring, with that Gottiline girth and large, blocky heads, while the dogs still remain athletic and correct on a short frame, just like him. 

     To anyone familiar with the Gottiline bloodline, he is a direct son of Golden Boy, bred to a Bluerock Bulliez "Tank" daughter.  He has a great pedigree, but most importantly, his temperament is wonderful as well.  He just loves everyone he comes in contact with, both humans and other dogs.  He currently sits between 75-80 lbs and is about 16" tall at the withers, now with almost a 24" head on him.  His head is very large and blocky, as you can see below, and he still might have some more growing in him left yet, who knows.  Monty is both UKC and ABKC registered, with all the necessary paperwork.

Monty at 1.5 yrs old, practicing his Zen meditation...

You can see a little better the true shape of his head here.

Monty @ 1 yr old

Monty @ 4.5 months with

my 4 yr old nephew

Here is a link to his pedigree if anyone is interested in seeing it.  There are more photos of him out there as well:

Gottiline's Moolah

Golden Boy

Monty's parents pictured below:  Golden Boy (sire), on the left and Gottiline's Moolah (dam), on the right.  Photos of his siblings and their offspring can be provided upon request.

Clemmy @ 5 weeks old

Clemmy @ 4 yrs old

Video clip of Monty and Clemmy in January 2013